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The mission of the Environmental Education Center is to assist as many learners as possible of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds in developing awareness, knowledge, skills, and attitudes which will result in citizens capable of informed decisions, responsible behavior, and constructive actions toward the environment upon which all life depends.

The Environmental Education Center is a DISD academic enrichment facility with programs designed to instruct students and teachers in all grade levels. The goal of the center is to provide quality outdoor educational experiences that will enhance student achievement and enthusiasm in science and increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the natural world.

Special Features and Resources

  • Experienced teachers, naturalists, and volunteers to work with teachers and students
  • Bilingual instruction
  • More than 500 acres of Texas landscape to explore and discover through guided activities
  • A 26,000 square foot facility with interactive exhibits featuring world ecosystems, animal facts, plant facts, prairie, forest, creek and pond habitats, a fossil study area and a 70 seat ecology theater
  • 3 nature trails: The Post Oak Preserve- The Old Field Trail-The Big Ponds Trail
  • A working barn with a variety of livestock for students to observe, learn about, and feed
  • Live amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds for observation and study
  • A fossil collection for observation and study
  • An outdoor classroom/pavilion for classes and camping
  • 4 science laboratories with special equipment for environmental study
  • Vegetable, flower, and herb gardens

To schedule a visit to the Environmental Education Center, please call the Center at the phone number listed above.

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